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Question by me: Why do media conservatives (?) like Levin and Malkin believe the "Web 2.0" nonsense replaces pro reporting? It's absolute garbage. The professional reporters and journalists are certainly biased towards the liberal side, but to believe that the utopian "Web 2.0" and Internet garbage replaces on-site reporting and journalism is nonsense. I've also […]... | read more |
Fri, 13 May 2011
Question by ♥Kit-Kat♥: How do I get ahold of a song online for free? (need it for a video)? I'm making a slide show for cousin, (as a joke) and I'm wanting to put the song "Bad reputation" to the photos. I have a program on my laptop that lets me make these types of […]... | read more |
Tue, 10 May 2011
Question by Kurt: what does "web 2.0" really mean/stand for? I have seen websites saying "web 2.0 enabled" and "web 2.0 technology" when they are no different from any other site. What gives? Best answer: Answer by stevensellSomewhere, a group of people had a business meeting and heard that "web 2.0" sounds innovative. Then, thinking […]... | read more |
Mon, 02 May 2011
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Social Media Solutions

You don't want to be just another commercial website online. Let's face it, your own niche probably has a ton of competition that carries the same products you do or does the same services that you do. How can you stand out? By using the power of social...

What is Social Media?

Most people aren't really sure what social media actually is. In a nutshell, it's a website that doesn't just present information or a product, it's a website that also interacts with the visitors and gives them a community feel. Some social media sites...

Who Should Use Social Media?

Think social media networks like Facebook and Twitter are solely for teens to text and gossip on? Think again. Savvy business owners and online marketers are taking full advantage of the friendly, online community both of these venues offer. If you want...