Digital Advertising

Digital advertising is not a new phenomenon. The Internet first encountered it's bubble back in the 90's. But that bubble burst, leaving millions of companies - including advertisers scorned and feeling cynical. But the Internet is back, better than ever, and this time, it's no "bubble". The Internet is here to stay, and part of the appeal is social networking - which is the avenue most commonly purposed by up and coming companies looking to find innovative new ways to promote their product.

Digital advertisers are increasingly turning to the Facebooks and MySpaces of the Internet to hype up their company, and digital-based social networking is turning out the be the success-story that has made so many companies. Individuals, small business, and mega-conglomerates are all benefitting from the promotional avenue of digital advertising.

Digital advertising is not just networking these days, though. Blogging-based advertising is taking the marketing world by storm. And the oldies-but-goodies like link-sharing, affiliate programs, and conventionally-based Internet advertisements are still proving to be tried and true money makers for those businesses who have the traditional advertising smarts and technologically-savviness combined with the new networking smarts that are earning them big dollars.

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