YouTube as a Marketing Tool

What better way to advertise a product or service than by providing a real-life video clip of how it works, why it's a good buy, or how it is better than the other products? Sounds expensive, doesn't it? Well, with the popularity of social media marketing tools such as YouTube, utilizing video clips to market businesses, it doesn't have to be anymore.

Social media marketing tools such as YouTube are reinventing the way businesses are marketing, advertising, and promoting themselves. By taking advantage of social media marketing tools like YouTube, you're able to market your product in a cost-efficient, effective, and frankly, hip way. After all, the majority of users lingering on social media networks - sometimes known as the blogosphere - are among the 18-39 year olds that advertisers are spending billions of dollars trying to attract.

Some Fortune 500 companies have taken this marketing avenue to the next level. Companies are now hiring employees dedicated solely to updating their blogs, networks, and YouTubes. By posting new, exciting, and relevant videos to YouTube at no cost, thousands of followers are kept in-the-know about what's new about your product and business.

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