Social Media Marketing Training

There is no doubt that if you are not in your early twenties or in high school that some of this social media terrain is very difficult to navigate. I am 35 and make a living buying websites and building websites and I do not understand the shift that has happened right before my eyes. I get it and understand it but I have no idea how to leverage its power without sitting down to learn how to navigate the terrain. Learning Social Media Marketing is like switching from a PC to Mac. It is not that big of a deal but it is a pain in the ass at first because you are so used to using a PC. Well if you are used to buying banner ads and PPC ads and managing your SEO strategy well there is whole new world out there and it is going to pass you by if you do not get your tail in high gear and adapt you are going to get left in the dust like your parents were left in the dust when the PC took over the planet.

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