Twittering as a Marketing Tool

Few people could have ever predicted the popularity of Twitter, but now that "tweeting" is a part of mainstream culture, even fewer can deny it's communicative effectiveness. While Mom and Dad may not be on Twitter, undoubtedly most of the 18-39 year olds that companies are marketing to are on the popular website. And these companies have caught on. Thousands of companies have taken to Twitter to market their products, and for their millions of subscribers, getting updates on products, trends, promotions, sales, and other relevant events is just a Twitter away.

Twitter is one of the most popular marketing tools around for a few reasons. First, it's simple. A company need only create their own Twitter account, count on a few people to follow them, then regularly update their thousands - if not more - followers on all the new and exciting news regarding their product or service. While this involves constant updating - and a lot of creativity to keep things fresh - Twitter is overall, an extremely easy way of advertising.

Twitter is also cost-effective. It costs nothing to create an account, and assuming each companies followers attract a few followers of their own, it's endless free promotion of the product.

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