WordPress Plugins for Twitter

WordPress and Twitter have developed critical acclaim as two of the most important social networking sites. WordPress plugins for Twitter help the social networker integrate these two sites. For example, Twitter Tools, a WordPress plugin, allows you to combine your Twitter and your WordPress blog. Another WordPress plugin, Wickett Twitter Widget, show your tweets in your WordPress blog's sidebar. The Twitter Updater is particularly useful in integrating your Twitter and WordPress account. This plugin updates your Twitter Status automatically every time you make a change to your WordPress blog. This allows those following your Tweets and blog to be more quickly notified of new blog posts. Twitter Updater can be disabled for specific posts.

Although many Twitter and Wordpress users are tech savvy, many are not and may find themselves bogged down in the variety of plugin choices. Also, many Twitter users may have simple needs when it comes to their WordPress plugins. For those looking for a relatively simple plugin, Twitter Widget Pro, may be one of the best choices. This plugin installs easily and is ideal for those with less complex needs.

The plugins listed here are only a sampling of the many plugins available. Check out these links for more information.

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