Who Should Use Social Media?

Think social media networks like Facebook and Twitter are solely for teens to text and gossip on? Think again. Savvy business owners and online marketers are taking full advantage of the friendly, online community both of these venues offer.

If you want to show a more personal side to your company (and no, it doesn't have to involve those embarrassing photos from last year's company Christmas party); it's time you stepped up to social media marketing for your company.

Something as simple as putting a corporate blog on your website and posting regularly will let your website visitors get to know your company and products even better. You can take it even further and recommend newsworthy posts on your corporate blog on social news sharing sites such as Digg or Stumbleupon. This will enable you to target people that may not find your website otherwise.

Using social networking sites such as Facebook or Myspace can be a marvelous way to interact with existing customers as well as promote your business to potential customers and for free. You can put up "Facebook Only Customer Specials" and offer discounts on products or services to special Facebook friends. This will make more people join, everyone likes to be thought of as special.

Getting the word out is easy. If you have a brick and mortar business, add a line on your receipts for customers to visit your website. On your website put a link for visitors to get the latest news and head's up on special and sales by following your company on Twitter or joining you on Facebook. The average company will pick up 5-10 follows and Facebook friends a day in this manner.

If you're wondering if social media is the right direction for your business, it is if you want to increase your customer base and sales.

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