LinkedIn as a Business Tool

LinkedIn is the Facebook of the corporate world. If you're a corporate worker you've undoubtedly heard of LinkedIN. If you're a corporate worker between the ages of 18 and 39, you're probably a member of LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a social and professional networking website that allows business people to make connections, cut business deals, and perhaps pursue new employment.

The appeal of LinkedIn, especially for business owners, is to release promotion, buzz, and hype about products and services. While this is different than the type of buzz and hype business owners are releasing to consumers, LinkedIn provides a means of corporate partnering, sponsorships, and venture capitalism.

Business owners, marketing executives, and PR personnel alike all can benefit from LinkedIn as a means of promoting their product through social media marketing. By releasing relevant information upon the masses of business owners and employees that belong to LinkedIn, companies can create a whole separate division of interest in their products, thus potentially growing the business and creating partnerships and revenue that may have not existed before.

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