Humanizing Companies through Social Networking

Social media marketing is not just a cost effective way to promote products, services, and businesses. It's now a tactic being used by big-name companies to humanize them, and bring them to a level consumers can and want to connect to.

Social media marketing outlets like Facebook and Twitter are a way that companies can literally build a network of followers. Either by making "friends" or attracting "fans", companies build their own network of people to whom they can update on promotions, technologies, and advancements. But at the same time, these companies are able to speak to the fans and friends as if it were truly a one-on-one conversation. Hip, relevant one-liners sent out to the masses give a vibe of "from my mouth to your ear" - and it's this humanization and real friend relationship that some blogosphere analysts are saying is the key to social media marketing success.

If you're interested in venturing into social media marketing, it's best to leave someone who knows what they are doing to the job. While social media marketing seems like cake, it's a savvy art that requires knowing the vibe of the blogosphere, and understanding the aura of the audience. Choose messages that are too "Call-to-action" and risk turning off an entire network of ready buyers. On the flip side, choose messages that are too lax, and you just may find yourself with a perfectly good marketing route that is completely ineffective.

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