MySpace as a Marketing Tool

Long before Twitter or Facebook, there was a different kind of web-based social networking tool. Known as the original social media avenue, MySpace tends to get the credit for creating the phenomenon that is now known as social networking. As the landmark means of communicating, connecting, advertising, and promoting, MySpace is still the premiere website for launching the careers of many individuals - and the products and services of many young companies.

MySpace is effective and efficient - requiring only the time of the person in charge of updating and networking. By simply requesting a few friends, the "networking" part will kick in, spurring friends of friends to check out your business's page, and even becoming friends of you.

Any company that is looking to appeal to the coveted 18-39 year old age bracket must get on social media marketing websites, such as MySpace, Facebook, and Twitter. This is truly the way to hit consumers where they are spending their time, and luckily enough for you and your budding company - it's extremely cost-effective.

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