Marketing yourself on Facebook and Twitter

Most businesses in today's world need to create an online presence. This online presence is often not complete without the implementation of two of the most powerful networking tools, Facebook and Twitter. These social media sites allow business owners to foster deeper friendships with current or potential clients.

Facebook has three primary ways of interacting with clients: "friending" people, fan pages, and groups. Friending allows you to network in a more laid-back atmosphere than the typical business world. Fan pages and groups have many similarities but are still markedly different. Fan pages often contain things such as newsletters, questions and answers, and special deals. They need no moderation and are ideal for many time strapped business owners. Groups, in contrast, require a bit more hands-on maintenance. A group tries to bring like-minded people together and encourage discussions amongst them. Both groups and fan pages, however, focus on developing friendships.

Twitter has many similarities to Facebook. Both focus on social networking. Twitter however, strips Facebook down to the basics and asks one question, "What are you doing right now?" Businesses can use Twitter to keep clients updated about products and events. Also, they can use it to see what's new with their associates or clients.

Many businesses underrate the usefulness of both Twitter and Facebook, viewing them as purely recreational; however, in the hands of savvy businessmen and women, they are powerful marketing tools.

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