Link Sharing

Link sharing is a common practice among Internet marketing that is yet another form of social media marketing. Social media marketing is the wave of the advertising future, as it takes advantage of a pre-existing network of followers that another website already has. By partnering with a website that already has a cluster of followers, you are able to promote your product to your target audience, without actually having to collect the network yourself.

This concept differs from traditional social media marketing as we know it through conventional websites, such as Facebook or Twitter. Popular blogs, like celebrity gossip, cooking, and financial advice can be littered with links from partners. When the reader, who probably has said blog already bookmarked to read every day, logs on to the website, your link is there, bolded among the content, and just waiting for one of the many curious readers to click over and read about your product.

Partnerships that involve link sharing can be structured in many different ways. Links may be simple bolded among the text, as noted above. Links can also be straight out advertisements, such as banners or pop-ups. Links can be listed along the bottom, or on a separate page. Linksharing usually involves the transaction of money at some stage of the game, but usually provides good results for the company trying to market their business.

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