Facebook as a Marketing Tool

Just about everyone these days knows what Facebook is. The Internet-based social networking phenomenon has recreated the way people are communicating, connecting, and perhaps most importantly to you - marketing their products and services.

Facebook is effective, efficient, and costs next to nothing to use. Companies who choose to use Facebook as a social media marketing avenue merely invest the valuable time of their technologically-savvy employees to have an ear to goings-on of America's pop culture. This person then keeps their Facebook page updated with relevant news, events, and promotions the company is having, and hundreds...if not thousands...of subscribers, friends, and fans are instantly kept in the loop - and your brand stays on their mind.

Some companies have even ventured so far as to hire a social media marketing director - an employee whose sole responsibility is to assure that all the Internet-based networking tools are updated, relevant, and hip enough to catch people's attention.

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