Wordpress Plugins for Facebook

WordPress blogs and Facebook are currently two of the most important social networking sites. To accommodate those who are using both Facebook and WordPress and want to integrate these two sites, WordPress plug-ins for Facebook are available. WordPress plugins for Facebook enable you to combine elements of your Facebook and your WordPress blog. This integration is done via Facebook Connect. Facebook Connect, the essential plugin, assists in the operating of all of your Facebook WordPress plug-ins. WordPress plugins for Facebook allow you to do such things as dual publishing of your WordPress blog (on both WordPress and Facebook), importing of your Facebook comments to your WordPress blog, enabling you to see Facebook updates on your WordPress page, and, among many other things, copying photos into your WordPress posts directly from your Facebook.

Many of these plugins will show up as widgets, such as a plugin that keeps track of how many visitors you have had on your website or blog. WordPress, although commonly used as for blogging, is helpful in setting up a website as well. WordPress plugins for Facebook can be used on these WordPress websites as well as on blogs.

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