Corporate Blogging

Corporate blogging first emerged in the marketing realm several years ago - right about the same time the word "blog" became commonplace pop culture. "Blog", which is short for "Web log", is a medium in which users create a simplistic website dedicated solely to logging entries about whatever topic they chose. Whether it was personal journals, knitting lessons, or celebrity gossip, blogs became all the rage - and the masses began to turn to blogs to get their knowledge. Soon enough, mainstream American joined in, and journalists took to the blogosphere to report the news, while corporate American took to blogging to promote their brands and products.

It was quickly realized that corporate blogging was a fast, effective, efficient way of promoting a product. And for so many companies that spend billions of dollars every year marketing to the coveted 18-39 age range, blogging was the perfect way to reach them where they were spending their time - actively on the Internet.

Corporate blogging is now a part of just about every big business marketing repertoire. Some companies have even gone to the lengths of hiring a "Chief Blogger" whose sole responsibility is to reach out through the blogosphere to promote the product.

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